Sky Leaper Kit?

You start with a leap feather with the same power as in dr

Bridge leap sucks

And every kill you get another leap feather (2 leap feather cap maybe)

Edit: you also get a spell of slow falling for 10 seconds that regenerate every 30 seconds

This maybe a bad idea but lets see

You mean skywars kits or what?

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so… worse void walker? or does the leap have a recharge time instead of being per kill

Enderpearls do a lot of damage

I like the idea! Simple. Cool. Seems balanced. Good idea.

Maybe you can start with chain boots to make it a bit better off the start but idk

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but they go further and are stackable

This could be stackable, block drop has them in stacks. I do agree with this and void walker being too alike, recharging would be terrible, it would be used for prolonging. Maybe chain boots with feather falling? Maybe two for each kill and spawn with 2? I feel like thats not enough of a difference though. I like the idea of a leap kit but idk how to make it be that different from void walker.

no i think ur onto something here, this kit would make clutches way way easier. Void walker would be better for chasing or traveling long distances fast, this would be better for short bursts. when clutching with a pearl you have to wait for it to land, whereas this kit would let u jump back up immediately upon reacting to falling.

The balance would of course be the distance, pearls travel very far very quickly whereas this kit’s leap ability wouldnt cover more than 20 blocks at a time. Also this kit would just have a like 15 second cooldown between uses of the leap but void walkers gotta kill for pearls.

I also like the idea of featherfalling chain boots, but maybe instead of chain you make them iron just so that you dont get murdered by enchanted diamond swords.

The only problem gameplay-wise I can think of is how annoying it would be to chase someone using the leap kit, there would have to be some balancing there tho its also annoying to chase anyone with any kit tbh so general balancing would be nice in that department as well.


I never said that the leap recharges every 15 seconds and if some of you guys think that this kit is the same like void walker, why not add a spell of slow falling for 10 seconds that regenerates every 30 seconds

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OOOO spell of slow falling could be SO COOL!!! What a great idea! idk how it would balance but this would for sure distinguish this kit

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That’s a good idea

I updated the kit info

bump maybe