Skipped Maps Statistic

Hey Forumers! :wave:

I’m here to talk about a suggestion that I call Skipped Maps. :world_map:

I think Hive should add a statistic in Gravity that says how many maps you’ve skipped. I would like to see how many maps I have skipped and try not to continue skipping them. :next_track_button:

I’m open for feedback! :speech_balloon:


Yes, useful for stat/api nerds like myself. I have voted!!


Shure. No comment just voted

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Bump! :arrow_up:

I want this post to get more attention. I just feel like this would be a great addition for Gravity! :translations:

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Bump again…

:notes: Bump buddy bump bump, bump bump! :notes:

The bumping is concerning…


But theyre all the ones i voted for :pensive:

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They’re spread out 3 days apart though, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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