Skins That Shouldn't Be Blocked

Hive Costumes: As much as people love costumes and as much as they can be fun but Hive has blocked 4D skins that you can buy in the Marketplace due to their server requirements. Lots of the Hive costumes also break some of the server requirements which is why I’m confused about why these marketplace skins are blocked, I’m not including the ones that give PVP advantages such as the Yoda, Jawa, baby ghast, ranchor, and R2D2 skins that kinda break the game.

  1. The Shark, dolphin, squid, narwal, killer-whale skins from battle and beasts skin pack 2 should be added because the Hive costume laser shark is literally the same and has more of a 4D/advantage effect than them.
  2. The ender dragon skin from birthday pack 1 should be added because it hardly breaks the game at all. The only 4D effect this skin has is its mouth and it doesn’t give out any advantages, there’s a lot of dragon costumes you can get on the Hive that is more 4D than this and gives more of an advantage.

Also to note! How is the wither boss skin from birthday pack 2 allowed when it’s literally more 4D and gives more of an advantage than all of these other skins on the list?

Also, people can just create characters in the character creation menu making them large or small giving them slight advantages in-game which is also to say “more OP” than these skins on the list.

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