Skins from Minecraft's Skin creator

Everywhere in The Hive, customized skins from Minecraft’s Skin Creator are disabled and are ALL Yellow Steve.
They are like that, because they were making the game lag in an old update.
But now, even in my Nintendo Switch, I don’t have any lag because of these skins.
An example: When I go in murderer mystery, a lot of people have customized skins from Minecraft’s Skin Creator, so when a guy with a skin like that is the murderer, I can’t recognize it because there are a lot of skins like him.

So I think it would be nice to activate them. And I think if it lag, you can do a command to activate them or disable them.

Thank for reading !


They should replace yellow Steve skins with hives version of fortnite default skins as costumes


Ok, so, I like this idea, and yea, the hive makes all character creator skins hive steve. It originally was only the 3d models, the ones with like, idk, wings or smt, but somehow its now all of them. I do hope they make the ones with none of the 3d stuff the character creator skin, because that rly helps in Murder Mystery. So yeah, that was a decent idea, but please dont bring the 3d ones back, because thats what costumes are for on the hive.


I would love this i really want this especially for the people who buy the things and i love seeing people with things you get from achievements because it really shows that they play survival and have accomplished goals in survival.