Skin/Texture Glitches

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
What was affected: Pretty much everything

What is the bug?
Explanation of the bug: So , my friend and I have been playing on wars recently and sometimes when we randomly join the server everything breaks and turns into a steve. Basically, everyone’s skin is a steve. All entitys are counted as a steve, even the treasures, the robot upgrade. The villager. The circle that tells you if a teams treasure is gone or there.

Screenshots and/or video:
Screenshots of the bug, if it applies:

Hey there,

Thanks for the report. Does this happen for a prolonged period of time or just for a few seconds?

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Not sure if relevant but here is what Matt said about the issue in the Discord last month.

It happens until my friend and I restart our clients. Aka killing the task function and re-opening.

Not that TIO , it happens to him and I as well but this is where we need to fully kill our clients and re-oepn. @TI0

I’ve also seen this before on the server and I also took a few screenshots of them on my Switch. I believe this is #not-a-bug because it happens when Minecraft is generating world/loading resources, like @JollyajaX said in the Discord, which I do not join.

No he said that’s for when textures load for a split second, this doesn’t get fixed unless you restart you’re client.

It sounds like the same issue, just that the client fails to load the textures instead of it taking a few extra seconds like when they flash as Steve.

No. If we don’t restart our clients, it doesn’t get fixed.

That is right, when I join another server, for a second every PC/NPC is Steve.

Unfortunately this is an issue of Minecraft’s side, that we can’t fix. I’m therefore marking this post as closed.

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