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To display community creations
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There are many players on forums and maybe discord who create something fantastic and it is not used by Hive cuz in was mentioned some where that
Hive won’t use community content unless its something crazy
Posts like Mount concept #1
by fracasadoh
and also many of his costume concepts
Hive Frost Bee Pet!
by legend boat
Cloud Pet
i didn’t get the post lol
and many more things made by other players will most likely not be used
So there can be web page/site where these notable creations of players so be shown by the Hive (even though they don’t use it in game)
if not web site/page than there can a different section on forums where no forumer post anything like in this #hive-discussion:meet-the-staff-team post
and only Hive will post on it showing the best community creations
I want it to be a thing cuz it takes a lot of time to make models with custom geometry and also texturing them
I hope this isn’t a dupe
thanks for reading have a good day! :grinning:

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in that page anyone can post his creation. What I mean is there should be a post where the stuff which the hive themselves liked can be displayed

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Honestly, this is a very good idea.
By doing so, those who made the costumes, mounts, pets etc. concepts would feel very happy and appreciated
And others would also be encouraged to make stuff like that
(I didn’t know how to phrase it)


Like Ry said, the forums are already for that, reposting those creations wouldn’t make much sense, as the creators already get a bunch of support

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um I don’t have problem if u disagree with me cuz its ur choice and everyone’s opinions matter :slight_smile: