Show what suggestions they will consider adding from the Hive bedrock forums

I think they should start showing what ideas and suggestions from the forums they are considering implementing into the Hive since there are plenty of good suggestions on the Hive forums that I’ve seen go unchanged in-game for months such as which has currently 77 upvotes and has been up for 2 months and was before the skywars crates update but wasn’t added in, this is just an example and I’m not saying every suggestion is a good one or can be easily added into the game but it would be nice to know which ones are being considered since none of them are in the Hive’s official Trellos bedrock roadmap.

More information:

The Hive could and I believe should start posting some of the better and more upvoted suggestion posts in this considering section of the roadmap, the suggestions in the section won’t even have to be implemented into the game just considered as the note in the considering section of the roadmap says. Trello

I kinda wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts about this but there are no reply’s :c

i mean, as long as it has votes, its good… right?

I guess lol

Literally every post about diamond and bows:

dead meme I know, shh


Yes plz good ideas .

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