Show health to specs

Pretty straight forward. You can see people’s health as a spectator. The only flaw I see with this is ghosting which there isn’t really a way to stop that from happening but I think it’s a good idea

  1. You should put this in suggestions if you want people to look at it
  2. I disagree but free to discussion as if you are in a vc with someone and you die you can tell the other player on the vc how low or high someones health is and whether they can take the fight.

please put this in #suggestions so we can vote for your idea.

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but if they add tell killers health on death that’s not an issue? You can already spectate players to find where they are


I feel that if the enemy for example is at 5 hearts you would give your teammate an unfair advantage as the enemy doesn’t know what your teammate’s health is.

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the technology for this exist, as we’ve seen it in the replay system

so put this in #suggestions and i’ll vote

Remember to vote for your own suggestion to show support :muscle:

Also, to which game does this apply? It’d be annoying if this was implemented in sky wars; the game already has people cleaning all the time.

its only use would be for ghosting, or in treasure wars you could beat yourself up over the enemy being on half a heart (because the kill phrase doesn’t say their health.)

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About everyone telling me to put it in suggestions yeah sorry about that I’m just a huge idiot when it comes to the forums so apologies for that

Great suggestion Yagami!!!
This is really needed bc today Theresa’s a big tournament going on and the commentators didn’t know the health.
Got my upvote!!

imo its fine because it gives a one time view of their health

obv its not great if they tell their teammate, but its not too big of a deal

“you die you can tell the other player on the vc how low or high someones health is and whether they can take the fight.” That is against the rules it’s called Ghosting but, many people do it anyway. I see your point.

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this is obviously possible because we’ve seen it in replay

I’m unsure about this
as far as I see the cons as ghosting and such, I also get a feeling that it’d be a good feature.
but like, you can’t really ever stop ghosting even if this will be added