Show chat when chat is off

Show chat when chat is off

More information:
I was in a sg lobby and lots of people were talking, I went into chat and turned chat off. After that, anytime anything was said in chat not by a player (e.g. “There is a 30 second grace period”) nothing appeared until I turned chat back on. I don’t think this is a problem with Microsoft bcs it works on Cubecraft (I tested it there to make sure.) I’m surprised there isn’t already a topic about this but this could definitely be fixed.

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If you’re talking about the “Mute Chat” button in the chat settings menu, this should mute ALL chat, including the messages sent by the server. I don’t think the Hive can control which messages go through that. But even if they could, I don’t think that that’s what you’d want when you click “Mute Chat”: You’d want no chat to show (maybe for recording a video or something).

That said, they might be able to add a Mute Players toggle in /toggles.

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yeah, that could be a good idea