ShopCampers in TWars

People always camp in the shop and it’s so annoying. They just jump in the shop when they lost their treasure or they are going to die. What I do to counter this is place blocks all around it when they hide in there. That way whenever they try to break a block they are stuck. The reverse happens when I don’t trap. They can hit me but when I try to hit them I open the shop. It’s so annoying. I believe that each shop should have an unbreakable slab above. This way nobody can use the shop to win the game. Another Idea I had was that the shop can only be opened when you left click or left trigger. This way nobody can place blocks all around it and I can hit people through the shop if they hide there. Pls help I have skill but lose the game to people like this all the time. Help

The hive already has plans to fix this problem


the best think you can do atm is report them

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We will be preventing players from being able to hide within the shop NPCs in the near future :slightly_smiling_face: