Shift clicking items from the shop

so i think it would be nice for bedwars to be able to shift click items out of the shop so where it would buy all availible items that u could. exapmple: say u have 15 iron and want to buy 48x wool insted of clicking 3 times u would simply hold shift and click on it to buy 48 with 1 click. for mobile players and console it would be that you hold down for say 1 second on the item to buy all u can. this would be a cool feature

how would this work on console

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According to Microsoft Copilot:

The equivalent of shift-clicking in Minecraft on console varies depending on the console you’re using:

These actions should allow you to perform tasks similar to shift-clicking on a PC. Please check the controls menu in your game for the most accurate information.


What about mobile???


double-tap I think


no mobile u would hold down for say 2 sec to do it


Double tap i dont think is for anything in mobile?

maybe maybe not. I feel like I remember doubletapping on my kindle when I first got mc
ah, the memories…

we could also do double tap

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Oh like when you place on interactable blocks on Switch then just crouch and tap