Sg trap chest

No one ever said good had to come from at chest so why not add trap chest to make the player less clumsy after all they have the gold ores that summon a boom box to hit you in sky wars. Here is what a trap chest in at can have
**1. -2 hp **
2. 5 seconds of slowness
3. Light on fire
4. A web spawns in you
5. A blue flare while summon next to you giving away your location
6. Blindness for 3 seconds

I would say about 10% of the chest are traps
No it does not happen in ender chest cz they are ender not normal

Lmk what you think about this one

I hate SG enough lol.


Hey! :wave: What :thinking: would the point be the point of this :grin: :sweat_smile: :grin: :sweat_smile:

Also cool down on the suggestions, you’ve made so many suggestions lmao


Iv been told 69 hundred times “LilStixYT it’s not wrong if you post several suggestions in a row as long as they are diferent”. Also the point of this is helping for a sg future update

I know that, but you didn’t really give info about this in the first place. You said what will happen if you open a chest. How often will this happen? Does this happen in e-chests?
Be more specific about this

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Ok I’ll try again

No please
I’ll give up playing if SG would have to contain this kind of RNG now.

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I already hate sg, oh god no

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Yeah I am going to consider the post a F, I was trying to think of a way to improve sg I’m going to do some brain storming

How would this improve sg? This would just cause rage and give cleaners more chances

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How could sg get any worse is the real question

How can RNG be ever good for a Minecraft minigame. There are already a lot of sw haters coz of RNG

I made a new one for you all

nope, this isn’t needed, chests are really useful for getting emergency resources when you are running away from someone, getting slowness would be the last thing I want, and I don’t even see how this helps improve sg.
You gave the reason of this being similar to boom boxes spawned from gold ore, however thats a completely incorrect analogy since you have a chance of avoiding it by just running away… or y’know, just not mining gold ore. The traps you mention give you no chance to be careful since the effect is instantly applied to you.


I made a new one

Yeah same

I’m level 3 lol