SG Item Idea: Ender Pearls

Ender Pearls In Survival Games

Why do we need them?

  • Lots of running happens and it can be hard running around the map trying to kill someone, but with pearls, you can pearl in and kill them.

How to be obtained?

  • Drops from cache cows and rarely in ender chests.

What would this do?

  • Shorten games to a reasonable length (no running)
  • Allow players to have an advantage other than armor and weapons.


  • Ender pearls should be disabled here because it is a small arena and there is no use for them
  • Ender pearls can land on the edge of the arena, causing players to fall into the water.

Anything else?

  • Tell me what you all think and how Hive could implement this idea.
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I think that these could be easily abused to get to areas not meant to be in, letting some players survive until death match and clean for an easy win

That could be seen as annoying yes. Good point. Though Deathmatch they might get easily destroyed if they had less gear or weapons?

Yes, but camping would still be extremely amplified which would be a big problem for many players

Love the Idea! I think it would make running around the map much easier however 2 problems…

  1. You can abuse the to teleport through walls (and out the arena)
  2. These above quotes contradict each other, to easily get around you would need more than one (because I can’t see anyone sparing them for latter) so maybe not so rare

Still I like the Idea and these problems could probably be solved

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  1. That’s why I suggested no Deathmatch. How would they get out the map? The map is just a void and there’s nothing beyond.

  2. They aren’t supposed to be for easily getting around. It’s like for aggro-pearling/pearling in on other players when they run. Used for pvp. That’s why I suggested they would be rarer.

  1. I meant during the game you could glitch out the side and wait out the deathmatch, some maps also have land outside the border (could be fixed by more barriers to stop tping through, )
  2. I can’t argue with this, I was thinking moving around but it would be good for PvP.

I won’t add anything else after this but I hope more people will see this

Ah. I forgot maps like north wood had land outside but I 100% agree with you. Thanks for your opinion!

this is honestly a bad idea. it would just lead to people running and it would slow down the game. SG is supposed to be an intense game, pearls would really just eliminate that


Just play chronos on galaxite I think that has pearls


Like some people already said, you could easily use this to glitch outside the border. There are also barrier walls in certain places around the map that people could tp on to. Not to mention the buildings too.

SG is supposed to have all the running, because the purpose of the game is to fight and survive with the little items that are given. ePearls are kind of a luxury item.

If pearls were added, the running would probably still continue. For example, if you pearl to a someone you’re chasing, chances are they have a pearl too, and will just pearl ahead of you again lol. Sometimes, they will have a pearl and you won’t, making it even HARDER to kill them.

This will also lower the amount of gamesense, because you won’t need to care about choosing fights and going into situations. You could go wherever you want, and you could just pearl away if you’re in danger.

Remember, just know your way around the maps, so you can trap your enemies. Get to know how to use the boomboxes, and you’ll always catch a runner!

and this could just as easily be prevented by damaging people outside the border


Pearls could also be used for running away though. It’s easy enough to find a cow in a game if you know the maps through. Pearls would break the game when there already are teleporters and launch pads. If you can’t get away with even those, fight instead of running a marathon across the map.

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With that logic we should take away pearls from treasure wars and skywars

In other news wool has been removed from treasure wars because people walk across it

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I mean, they don’t exist in twars and sky wars to end chases, they exist for clutching & surprise attacks. This suggestion was to add them to end chases

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??? So you don’t clutch in those games?

Ah sarcasm, my old friend. If you could use pearls to pearl towards someone in SG, what is stopping you from running away? Your points are irrelevant, go play some sg and you’ll find why marathon runners will use this to run away

this is pain

Yes, but I’ve seen them used to end chases in both games.

Additionally, pearls could be used for clutching and surprise attacks in SG.

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But if the person who is running and is very low ender pearls and we dont have a pearl then it would be very annoying.

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