SG Districts based off of skill

In Survival Games Duos, The Districts should be based off of the teams skill, (Seeding)

Right now there are limited cosmetics in Survival Games, this is an easy one to implement. Basically If you and your teamate are both lvl 30’s… then you would be district one, district 2 would be the closest to your combined levels and so on. If you’ve read the Hunger game books, District 1 - 3 are the Career players, Doing “Seeding” In SG would give another layer of skill and awareness to the game. Ex.) “ITS DISTRICT ONE… RUN!!!” Or, “Its district 12, lets punch him to death lol.”

In the lobby you can flex with your Lvl above your head, but in game no one knows how good you are unless your standing on a pedastol or firing an arrow. This just lets the High lvls brag, and the low lvls know who to avoid.

As a lvl 30 myself, i would love this in SG. It would be a lot of fun to find district 12s with a friend and just bully them.

Thats basically it <3

I like sweaty fights, so if this gets added I’ll play SG a lot more.


i like this idea but it would make the game a lot less fun for lower level players
also this causes smurfing


I actually think this would benifit new players, “ITS DISTRICT ONE… AVOID” Also, District one would normally murder them like normal, but if they go for fist only, it makes the game easier for them

im the type of person who doesnt go for fist only… lol

i think if they just think to avoid they would end up having to fight them so it just makes it a lot less fun for lower level players

also, as I said smurfing lmao

What about smurfing? Matchmaking is in no way based off of Level at this moment, it wouldnt benift a player. (I smurf allready)

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If this were the case, very few people would random queue duos, not sure how I feel about this


So you’re saying that the weakest team will be right next to the strongest team in that logic?



Two sweaty players together never ends well.

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