Send qp to eachother

i have a idea for a long time
that are sent QP to eachother
that can help you got a costume faster
a booster,of a costume gift
it would be so useful

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Yeah I like this cz instead of me buying a costume I rather give mine away


No just no
Why: Alt accounts exists


As xIvcn said. No. If there is a quest that is 30 qp. You could use an alt to do the same quests then gift the qp to your main account.
This could be used to farm the quests you are good at.

This is not gonna happen


You do have a point


do you want a friend to play hive with ?

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this would be really cool

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Hey, let’s not bumb a post because you want to play with them. Very wholesome though :))

Next time you can message them by clicking on their profile and hitting “message”

oh im sorry