Seasonal Bridge Maps

I just got the idea here so you should take a look there too.

Seasonal Bridge Maps

Bridge is another game where seasonal map are missing. A bit strange as the hub is decorated well!

Some of the Seasonal Maps could be:

  • Winterfest:
City: Snow

Looks like “City: Overhead” but it has snow and snow-covered trees!

Cubic: Snow

Looks like “Cubic: Gap” but it has snow and Candy-Canes around!

Colosseum: Snow

Looks like “Colosseum: Column” but it has snow and snow-covered trees!

Techno won’t have a map as it is too futuristic and Winterfest hardly fits in.


Brand new Winterfest map, that has (like the name says) a base shaped like a Gingerbread house and some sweets scattered around.

  • Halloween
City: Darkness

Looks like “City: Overhead” but is night and there are broken street lamps.

Cubic: Darkness

Looks like “Cubic: Gap” but nothing is colorful, in fact there is only Red, Blue, gray, light gray and black. Also is night.

Colosseum: Darkness

Looks like “Colosseum: Pergola” but everything is ruined, gray (stone bricks) and mossy. Also is night.

Techno: Darkness

Looks like “Techno: Diverge” but everything is dark and there are error codes (0, 1) scattered around.


Finally, the true Hive’o’ween map! Brand new map where the nest is inside of a Pumpkin. Behind there is a big gravestone.
The time is set to night.

  • Spring
City: Flowers

Looks like “City: Classic” but there are flowers everywhere and also, your base looks like a city park!

Cubic: Flowers

Looks like “Cubic: Gap” but the only colors are Yellow, Lime, Green, Light Blue, Pink.

Colosseum: Flowers

Looks like “Colosseum: Column” but time is set to day and everything looks mire mossy with more flowers.

Like before, Techno is too futuristic and doesn’t fits with a natural theme.


Brand new map, made out mainly of daisies!

  • Summer / Pirate Event

This isn’t confirmed so only 1 map is here.

Pirate Ship

Jump in!
In this brand new map the nest is inside a shipwrecked and broken ship and your island is made entirely of water (fake, so light blue glass, terracotta, concrete, etc.).

I’ll add some map concepts later, when I’ll make them.
Consider voting as I lost 1 hour of my life writing… again… :smile:

as a bridge sweat, I can confirm that this is delicious.


I think this is a great idea, since we already got an update for the bridge, if this update would be put out at this time it would be “the most wonderful time of the year!” Excluding from my horrible jokes, I think this would also be a good update since Skywars, and Treature Wars and other gamemodes already had seasonal maps.


YESSSSSS It’s AWESOME!!! I usually main bridge, so this would be so fun!!!


good idea voted :mailbot:


I’m back on! My dog has passed away and so…

But yeah, I guess this is a BUMP

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