School checkpoint

I really need a good explanation and clear up for this. The 3rd checkpoint on school still doesn’t register on DeathRun right after the ice blocks. I’m #1 on the all-time DeathRun leaderboards so I know by the amount of times I’ve played this map that it doesn’t give me the checkpoint. As according to the image below all the bug report bugs in regards to this has been duplicated because the first one that was created the bug has been ‘fixed’. But when I made a similar post to this in Oct 22nd. Eham mentioned that the bug has been logged and they do expect it to be fixed in a future update. What’s going on here???

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This issue is a particularly pesky one. Over the last few years, we’ve attempted several fixes and if I’m being completely honest, I’m convinced the checkpoint is haunted :sweat_smile:

This being said, we’re still very much aware of the issue and are continuing to look into resolving it, we’ll hopefully have it fixed in the near future. As always, we appreciate your patience!