Safe walk needs to go or be changed

The safe walk powerup currently is not very useful unless there are many people near you and the blocks are changing but honestly there is no point of using so i think it should be changed to some kind of new powerup or just have it removed cause it literally has no purpose

As a person who is descent at the game i never end up using it and i would get so many of them and never use them cause it honestly shouldn’t be in the game so thank you for reading this and of course update block drop itself with some more maps and more powerups and to be able to have a custom amount of layers in cs

Why not useful? When I was walking in an area with very few blocks it is very useful.
As I can hold longer and have some time to rest. Safe walk and restore are the most useful powerups imo.

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it has no point when walking forward it is only useful if you end up being on someone’s path besides i also get way too many of them in game and is really annoying

Personally, I think the Safe Walk as it is, is fine. I feel its purpose suits it well and could be used for many safe strategies in case you do mess up.

The Safe Walk does have a point, it’s meant to keep the blocks from dropping and could be used in case you don’t have many blocks on your island left. Its about how it is used that makes a difference though.

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For me, I like to use it when switching songs :)


I use Safe Walk only to organize my hotbar, but I don’t see why a powerup with little use should be removed or changed. It’s not like all powerups need to benefit you. I mean, you can win without them.


I use it to do both :]


they should just increase the duration, 4 seconds is not very useful


I use it to switch music and chat, its such a fun powerup


I would switch songs by jumping in the middle of 4 blocks, it takes like 3 seconds until you fall… I don’t know why I’ve never used Safe Walk for this :sob:

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huh? block drop has songs??

They probably mistook it for block party

But generally as a pro block drop player i can’t count on the safe walk anytime there is no situation as i really need it luckily i haven’t gotten them so frequent anymore but still at least just provide a new powerup or something

I think they would work better as a powerup to be only given near the end of the game, at times like that they can be useful when there is very few paths to take

what!?!?!?!?! the master bot looked at my suggestion

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They are talking about Spotify or something like that, they didn’t mistake it for blockparty.


honestly block drop is too laggy to play. it has a lot of glitches and used to have an exploit in underwater that i totally didn’t use at all. totally but they fixed it. i’m max btw it’s very boring

if you removed nemo and vault, which are what determines who wins if there are 2 good players in the lobby. if you get a nemo and the other guy has no vaults you win.

even then, restore blocks is far better and even jump potion would still be better (it’s much better when you factor nemo and vault)

i’ve never once gotten any value out of safe walk and i’ve been winning the vast majority of my games since i was level 1

I like Safe Walk D: I think its still useful and fine as it is