Russian item mail in hotbar

Affected Language:
Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
item in hotbar

Affected Text:
НОВЫЙ! Почта

Suggested Text:
НОВОЕ! Почта

Explanation of Issue:
“Новый” can’t be used because for 2 reasons To explain something that’s new, it’s better to use новое (when it’s not in a sentence with a word that’s being described) As we can see the meaning by “!” Новое and почта are 2 different sentences Новый can’t be used because for 2 reasons When it’s in a sentence with described word (but it’s not the case here) we say новАЯ почта instead of новЫЙ почта

Screenshots and/or video:

Thanks for submitting a suggested change for our translations!

After discussing your idea with our translators, we have decided to keep the current string as it is.

Whilst I understand there is a discrepancy with the gender, the word is used in multiple different strings across the server, so cannot be changed to match one specific word, in this case, ‘Mail’.