Runic Golem Pet

The February Quest Costume this year is a Runic Golem, and I think this would be so cute and funny as a pet!

For those who don’t know: :point_down:


The pet wouldn’t have a torso, it would just have two arms, two legs and a head. Basically the head would be the one that’s on the costume, and the arms and legs would be stubby.

Hub Title: rock bottom.

Avatar: Cute Stone

No. That’s not a good idea. Please don’t do that.
Hubtitle: The Ancient… Rock?

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How about “Hard Rock”? :thinking:


Why not? Is there something wrong with that?

Yes…. and I can’t explain it… so do something else…


What about The Rock Johnson

What about him? Is that the hubtitle idea? Or the actual pet…

The hubtitle

Yeah no. I don’t think you can use people’s names for a hubtitle in a Minecraft server.

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Ok ok, but we need da rock

you could just name it dwayne


Okay, what about “ROCK and ROLL!”

Thats the hubtitle for the actual skin. Maybe…

  • The Rocker
  • Rock ‘em Sock ‘em!
  • ROCKing out!
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Oh really? I didn’t know that!

What about “rock bottom.”


THATS a good hubtitle.


Or: The Rock is here

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Sentient Rock?

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What about “rock it”
Or “rock solid”?

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It could look like the different mob vote golems that werent implemented?

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It could either look like the Copper Golem or the Tuff Golem, but with cracks that have a aqua-coloured light inside.

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