Run from the beast and DBD gamemode


:video_game: Dead by daylight and run from the beast game

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:hocho: Dead by daylight adaptation gamemode :
1 slasher find and lock up the survivors in specific places on the map, the other survivors have to help those who are locked up to free them and if they are too long locked up he dies,
For the survivors to win they must escape the map by repairing the generators as in the game Dead By daylight or invent other means specific to a map for example

:running_man: Run from the beast Gamemode :
in the Run From the Beast the goal of the survivors is to go to the end of the map passing through mini games, parkour, enigma to get to take the iron equipment at the end which allows to kill the monster
the beast has diamond equipment, it starts the game some time after the runners and must catch up to kill them before he reaches the end of the map, if he reaches it he will fight the runners who will be equipped to kill him
Exemple Minecraft XBOX - Run From The Beast - Disney Villains - YouTube
The RIVALRY of the BEAST !! - Minecraft Xbox : Run From The Beast - YouTube
This game was created by the minecraft xbox one edition community

I would love to see these games arrive on the hive with nice maps and add-ons that make the game awesome , like my post if you agree :heart:

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Idk if the Hive would like to copy games, but these seem interesting to try to adapt

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maybe not a copy, but they could make a game with this theme!

perhaps run from the bee or something?

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