Route to get past 5th gate

Affected Service: Main Hub
Region: US(Probably other regions)

Bug: It is possible to get past the 5th gate by going to the front of the ship where the qp are at, doing a neo to get to the very front, climbing back and up on the fences, then jumping to the middle sail where there is more qp?(I mean, the ladder doesn’t work to get there because of the trapdoors in between and I don’t know of any other ways to get there so did you expect me to do the neo?) Anyway from there, I can drop down inside of the sail and jump off onto the turquoise roof of the building that’s merged with another building, then theres a direct route with one jump to get higher on the rock left of the gate which lets me jump above the very short barriers there happend to be there.

Device & Version
Nintendo Switch, 1.19.21

I’m too lazy to record the route so just put the barriers higher around the 5th gate. ez
And my pfp is proof I’ve been past the gate.

Hey there,

Going to these areas offers no advantage, and anyone doing it is merely ruining the experience for themselves.

This being said, we will likely fix these issues at some point, but it isn’t a high priority :+1:

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