Roguelite Game Idea

As a Hive player who generally plays in a group of 4 and also as a roguelite enjoyer, I really would like to see a Roguelite game get added to Hive.

I know very little about how to code a Minecraft Game but I have played around with command block games and Made a little Rogue-like game. My general list on what would make an interesting game for a server with many people would be to have
-Randomly generating Dungeon maps
-Random items that can be looted from the dungeon
-Teamwork being a crucial part in succeeding
-Having choices on how you want to play
-ex: Multiple Meta builds, Roles, Final boss vs infinite stages, etc.
If there are any suggestions on how I could improve this concept I am open to criticism.

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Disclaimer: I’m not sure what this is

From your short description says, it appears to be a survival based game. The hive most likely won’t add a survival based game as they are more toward fast paced games

Edit: just looked this up and I don’t see this being added, sorry :((

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