Rocky hub title and avatar concepts

I hate having a title and avatar for one costume and not another, I love matching things, so, I present to you, concepts for both a hub title and avatar for rocky(not good or final, took me like 30 min, just concepts)

Potential hub titles: On the rocks, Rocky mountains, Slightly larger than a pebble
My avatar concept(Made in tahazui sketches school on ipad):

Which hub title?
  • 1st hub title
  • Second hub title
  • Third hub title
  • Dwayne the Rocky Johnson

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please reply with feedback/ ideas

Idea is good I like it…


Nah too late for a rocky hub title


why? They could still add one

They’d then likely increase it to 1000 quest points, and people who already bought it would either get those too cheaply, or have to rebuy it, which would be annoying.


what about just putting them as a seperate 500 qp purchase?

Then they’d have to redesign the quest point shop

maybe a sign that says “If you already have purchased the rocky costume, you can click on him again to purchase a hub title and avatar for 500 qp” or something like that

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March, and April Monthly QP costumes were only made because they had those hub titles unused or because they wanted the hub title in the game, not sure really.

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