Roadmap/Content Report

To present a roadmap of content that it is to come in the near future!

More info:

What does a roadmap do?/What is a roadmap?
[I recommend seeing the example below as it is very self-explanatory]. Essentially, a roadmap has the task of clearly presenting content that will arrive in the future. It states the month and date that the content aims to come out. [In this case there doesn’t have to be an exact date and time].

A really good example of a roadmap is from the For Honor community;

Where would the roadmap go?
The roadmap could be presented in-game as a board in the lobby. It could also be placed in the discord and/or reddit.

Why do we need a roadmap?
A roadmap keeps the community informed on when content is to come out and gives The Staff Team a clear goal to work towards.


there is already a roadmap: Trello

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This already exsits.