RNG manipulation in custom servers?

I think RNG should be manipulatable in SkyWars custom servers.

For example, a host could make it so that everyone mines Knockback Nemos from emeralds, or only spells of life from lapis.

This could just be in the options list represented by redstone, next to the spawn percent


Yes, i can have many nemo battles with this.

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1st: Put this in #suggestions:custom-servers
2nd: We already have RNG manipulation that’s just for the amount of ores on your island. Don’t worry, this suggestion is completely different!
3rd: I actually like this because people can actually set up challenges, like sumo for knockback Nemo. Good idea :+1:!

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Nice idea, voted (nEEd To MaKe MorE ChArS)

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You can do < any text here > without the spaces between text and this(<>) so it will be hidden and u will surpass the limit.


this idea is still amazing, and I would love for this to be added!

I actually do like this

It would open up the content possiblities more and would be super fun

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I could honestly see this being used for mainly extensions. If you made it so snowballs always drop from gold, or nemos from emeralds. Drag clickers could simulate long extensions

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this :memo: suggestion is a duplicate! :woman: :woman: please use the :mag: next time
in all seriousness
its not hard

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Link me the dupe cause I didn’t see one

I believe the duplicate in question is this thread but as the creator is no longer on the forums, we can go ahead and keep the discussion here instead. :slight_smile: I’ve closed and moved the other thread so that discussion can be had here.


Alright thanks Holly! I honestly didn’t see that and tried to make sure it was a dupe, but I guess I didn’t search far enough :sweat_smile:

Oh cool a topic from some rando who seems very awesome

In all seriousness, this could have like a billion uses

  1. Nemo battles
  2. Death tag, making only blocks drop from iron
  3. Survival Games in SkyWars :eyes: (by manipulating drops from gold)
  4. Honestly, having fun with infinite spells of Insta-leap in Sky Royale would be so fun and addicting lol
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I like this idea, there are endless possibilities,
Snowballs battles, Maybe we could make free shop like treasure wars in Skywars

But the most important thing I wish to be added is More respawns because in my opinion 5 respawns are not enough

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Also would be good for pearl clutching practice

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Well you can’t get pearls from ores, but maybe chest manipulation?

I thought of this last night! Got my vote!

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Yo decoys stop reading my mind


Wow crazy bump right

Anyways, i just think I really don’t want this thread to die cause it’s a legitimately good idea, and would be a nice add to the custom server revamps that are happening