Rewards leaderboard

Hello! I would suggest adding rewards for being in the top leaderboard monthly players in each game, namely the rewards: QP/ hub titles/ or something different (this is to motivate you to play)

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I feel like this would be too similar to the game leaderboards, as surely people could just buy like all the costumes possible, just to get on the leaderboards instead of playing games. So it would make more sense for in-game rewards, which would end up just being almost the same as the current leaderboards.

I do however like the idea of a qp leaderboard, i think this would defo encourage more people to do quests and would be more enjoyable!

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I think someone said this feature was on the roadmap at one point, but idk when.

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Im pretty sure they do have this planned considering they had it on their roadmap.


This is already in the working by Hive I believe