Reward For Getting 200 And 300 Days Login Streak

I suggest we will get a reward for getting 200 And 300 Days Login Streak. I know we already have reward for 100 Days (The Dedicated Hub Title) and 365 Days (Time Owl Costume) Login Streak(LR), But the gap between 100 and 365 was too large, I recommending to have Reward on 200 And 300 Days too make people keep playing on Hive Server such as More Costume, Hub Title, Exclusive Cosmetic on Gamemodes, etc. And I Hope There will be more Reward on 400-1000 Days if we keep login onto Hive. :slight_smile:

Player that already on 200/300 Days LR Will automatically get rewarded.


What about players who already had higher longinstreaks?

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If they already reach the higher LR, they will be rewarded automatically. :slight_smile:

200 is unnecessary since there is no important time stamp once in a year every 200 days etc. And 300 is useless because just 65 days later you get the Time Owl.

I personally have a 250+ day login streak, but still don’t find any use for this


Any suggest which days you think its good?

wassup mario :smiley:

i like the idea of 200…

Hello Thunder!
Make Sure to voted it so it will be added.

100 and 365 are good enough


Thanks for the advice!

I’d say, we don’t really need to add anymore rewards for loginstreaks, for now.

The hub title and costume are pretty epic already, and if we add another reward, well, I don’t think it’s needed.
The current rewards are fine already, and if you want more, go to the quest master or enter a giveaway or smt.

I do like the suggestion, though!

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Thanks for the advice!