Respawning without keep inventory

What was affected - please include the region, and the name of the map if applicable
All Skywars custom servers

A detailed description/explanation of the bug
Currently if you die in a skywars custom server without keep inventory as a baller kit, trapper kit, builder kit, or panik kit you do not get the right items. You only get a stone sword, iron pick, and a stone axe. Baller kit should get 8 snowballs upon respawn, trapper kit should get diamond pick and gold shovel, builder kit should get diamond pick, auto bridger, and gold helm, and panik kit should get 3 spells of shielding’s.

What platform do you play on (Win10, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android or PS4) and what version of Minecraft are you using?
Windows 10

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This issue has now been logged, and will be fixed in a future update.

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After discussion, we’ve concluded that this works as intended, if keep inventory is off you should not retain your special kit items.

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