Reset After Scoring

:exclamation: Scenario: Someone on the enemy team has stolen your flag and returned to their base to score a point. To add insult to injury, another enemy teammate has been hiding around your base and scooped up the flag just as it respawns.
Quite an annoying situation :angry:

:wrench: Fix: Once the flag respawns after a point is scored, it is unable to be picked up for five seconds.

just kill the dude at ur base?


The problem is, the way that players are usually spread out in this scenario, most of your teammates will be charging the other base in an attempt to reclaim their flag before it’s too late. Meanwhile, this leaves your base practically unguarded, and when the flag respawns, no one will be there to protect it from an early steal.

To combat this I usually just hop in the teleporter and ambush the guy that stole the flag, almost always works.

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maybe I’m just built different but I never have a problem with this (except on unearthed, that map is annoying if ur solo)


Its usually only a problem if you are still respawning and they run off with it.

Sorry, but I think that’s one of the parts of the game. I think (I THINK) it’s kind of strat.


Skill issue

In my opinion, this takes capture the flag one step closer to just being 6v6 Bridge. The Bridge is just get to the enemy’s base, get the objective, then everyone gets reset. This change would make it so CTF is get to the enemy’s base, get the objective, bring said objective back to your own base, then everyone gets reset. See what I mean?

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Hell no I love this. Easy to win then, also makes the games faster

I gave my post some tweaks. What do you think of this?
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still no, just be in their base and grab their flag, kill their flagholder on the way back or toss ur flag to a teammate, kill the guy with ur flag, return ur flag, and then its 1-1 (if ur team is good, if they arent then ur gunna suffer lol)

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You can’t pass flags to teammates. It’s stuck to you until you die or successfully bring it back.

The flag isn’t considered an item. It doesn’t appear in your hotbar.

What “item”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You mean like your bow or sword? What would that accomplish?

if u drop an item it drops the flag for you, then anyone can pick it up

Wait… that’s a thing?! I’ve never seen anyone drop their flag before. Has that always been a feature?

I’m pretty sure yeah .

I wasn’t there at launch so Idk, but it’s been around since I started playing it.


I’m gonna have to test that… :thinking:

Edit: [One test later]… It is a thing! :astonished:

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it does exist but people want the capture xp for themselves so they typically dont tho. making it 5 seconds until the flag can be taken again wouldnt change much, it would just be a minor annoyance.

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