Request for change of ceiling window in Just Build -gamemode


I would want to request a change of ceiling window on Just Build -gamemode’s build room where you usually build your builds when inside game. The one room with the flower window in ceiling. It could be solid white or light grey glass without any additional images with other colored glass.

More information:

The reason for this change is simple. RTX. The light coming from ceiling window is very confusing at times and distorts the colors of blocks you’re building with because of light rays coming through the ceiling and creating colored shadows. Althought it looks kinda cool, but still, isn’t a good fit for gameplay with rtx.
I doubt anything will be done to it, because the server caters mainly to default players without RTX features and I understand that, and this is probably not meaningful enough for general public to consider changing, but at least I tried.
Changing this flower decorated ceiling window into plain white or light grey glass could allow natural light to come down unfiltered by colored glass, and not bother building with rtx.

Thank you for your time.

Make this #suggestions:just-build

Thank you, didn’t realize there are categories for different game modes. Still sort of new to the server and its forums. Just changed it tho.

There was a similar post to this about the customisable walls. Plz make sure you’re not plagiarizing other ppl’s work

What do you actually mean with plagiarizing other ppl’s work? How is this relevant to the suggestion at hand? Also, the build in middle in the image is my own as well. (Hive’s just build -plot room and walls excluded, not the point here)

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I appreciate you standing up for others’ work, but this suggestion is a slightly different idea made with the intention of improving the game, rather than adding a new cosmetic. :sweat_smile: Again, I appreciate the effort. :)

I mean you could just turn off the RTX when playing JB or just turn off RTX beforehand but ik you are already aware that Hive won’t do much about this since a good amount of their playerbase most likely doesn’t use RTX.

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Unfortunately that isn’t an option for me as I don’t really have the interest to play the game at all if I don’t have rtx on or shaders in use on java. Gameplay is important to me too, but graphics are also big portion of my view of a game, so that’s really important to me. Too used to rtx/shaders by now. But yeah unfortunately my opinion doesn’t weight much here compared to rest of the playerbase.
In the end, it’s not impossible to play with it tho. It’s just an inconvenience when trying to see colors of your build.


Hey Oravaliito, I totally understand your concerns about the ceiling window and how it can be distracting for those using RTX. As a fellow builder, I know that being able to see the true colors of the blocks is essential for creating the best builds possible.

I think it would be great if the server could offer an option for players to choose between different ceiling window designs, or even allow them to toggle a “neutral light” mode for RTX users. That way, the players with RTX can still enjoy the improved graphics without the colored light interfering with their build.

Even though the server mainly caters to non-RTX users, it’s still important to consider the growing number of players who are using RTX-enabled devices. After all, the server should aim to provide the best experience for all its players.

So, I’m definitely on board with your suggestion and hope the Hive team will take it into consideration. Let’s hope for some positive changes in the future!