/report and and an easier way to report cheaters

Teamers and cheaters we all hate them but it’s a hassle to report them each time. So I believe that an easy way for this is to have some way to report a player in game while your still playing instead of having to go to the discord and report them there. idk anything about coding or making new things on servers but I feel as if this is an essential command players need.

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Hey there! Thankyou for taking the time to make a suggestion.

You will be glad to know that in-game reporting is in the works! This will allow players to report from within the server with ease. You can track in-game reporting’s progress on the Hive Trello Roadmap, here.

For now you can report anyone breaking the rules on the Hive Games Discord server in the #bedrock-ingame-reporting channel. Alternatively, you are welcome to message a Moderator (indicated by the hammer icon) here on the forums.