Replay Rank

A new rank called Replay rank

Replay rank would be a sort of creator rank but for lesser known creators

Replay rank would give the receiver permanent replay access bypassing the paywall for free
for creators that can’t pay for replay pass to allow them to use it in their content

I don’t know what the requirements would be.

This would not work considering someone can just make a tiny 30s video and be considered a rank. Warning a rank is supposed to be something you have to try to get. Not only that you say they should get a rank and a free replay pass. Why can’t you save up five bucks for it if you want better content? I don’t see the hive ever doing this. But I wish you luck with your channel.

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A: most people would have this already

B: this should be in #suggestions:replay-cinema

C: it’s not that much to buy replay anyway

D: welcome back to the forums!

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