Replay Cinema Trial Mode


3-day trial mode for the Replay Pass :film_strip:

More information:

If it’s possible to be integrated in Marketplace or just in the Replay Cinema NPC, you can have a 3-day trial. After it’s finished, you won’t be able to use the replay cinema until you buy the Replay Pass. :no_entry_sign:

The Trial Mode will also have fewer perks such as:

  • No hub title, avatar and costume
  • Sky Wars and Treasure Wars only
  • Up to 5 replays/day.

I get that this could be more expensive for Hive storage, but the perks can even be lowered. :money_with_wings:

What do you think of this suggestion? :thinking:

also maybe make it so that u get like 4 replays a day

I think it’d be a good amount for a trial/test


I’m thinking of 2 replay per day for Hive+, 1 a day for regular. Something like the CS system. So if people really likes the replay mode they would buy the full version.


Wait, what’s replay cinema?

Replay mode its a pass that you can buy for 830 Minecoin or $4.99. its a yearly subscription that allow you to view your game replay.

Read this to find more information

Oh cool! Has it already came out?

Yes It has

Hey! I think I have enough points to redeem a $5 XBOX gift card on Microsoft Rewards! I guess I’ll try it out!

that will ruin the “replay pass” and will cost more, just no.

I think there should be no perks considering it’s free. But I have the pass so I can’t say my opinion really

bump I like this idea

if you just make different accounts, you could make infinite :infinity: replays

No, I think it should be all games, if they dont like tw
Or skywars.

(And the chances for that are very very low)

Some people do not want to spend the $dollars$ to get it so yes please! Also please add version for not just Skywars and treasure wars!

BUMP! I think this would be really good if it included all PvP gamemodes! (Maybe not GW)