Replay Cinema Suggestions

I know replay cinema just came out, but I do have a few suggestions for features.

my suggestions for the replay cinema:
-have the ability to see any players actual pov, or at least a camera lock to enable you to see your pov during the game?

  • The Ability for a cinematic camera path, so we can get really cool panning shots of scenes we want.

  • The Ability to tilt the camera (Goes with the above)

That’s all I got for now. I’d like to see more cool features with the replay cinema, I already like it, though it does need improvement.

I don’t think this is possible.

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This is Splodger’s response to this specific suggestion:

Galaxite does something like this during intros in their games like Hyper Racers. This might be possible for the Hive devs to do :slight_smile: Hopefully at least.

Hmm perhaps they can do something with the camera shake option in Minecraft, but I don’t think this will be possible sadly.

Great suggestions though. ^^

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Hypixel did it

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Java is coded in Java, Bedrock in C++. I don’t know if Hypixel and the Hive can do the same things with replay because they’re coded fundamentally differently

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Java isnt Bedrock.

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Ik but it shows its possible in Minecraft, we need someone who knows C++ to say if you can in bedrock aswell.

There’s always borderlines in a language, not everything that is possible in Java will be possible in c++, though the thing you mentioned may make sense to code.