Replay cinema for quest points (1 time use)

Alot and i mean aLoT of people like me do not have enough mc to buy replay cinema and that makes it difficult to record montages in another perspective for my youtube channel (Ender Crisp) so i recommend adding a new icon purchase able for quest points where you are able to get a 1-2 use replay cinema pass like the xp boost has. This would encourage players to play hive more in order to be able to purchase the pass

I don’t really see what the benefit of this would be for the hive. Sure, you can argue that it makes people play more, but the main benefit of more people playing is that they are more willing to spend money on hive. So if this means that the people who make montages aren’t even giving hive money, then hive has no reason.

Obviously for players this would have no downside but I don’t think it’s very realistic