Replay - Add Dates

Add a way to see the date of a replay

On the replay menu that shows the list of replays, there’s the replay information like the game, the map, and then how long ago it was. I think it would be nice to replace the tag that shows how old it is to the date. It would give more information on when it happened

If that dosen’t work, than another way is to add a /date command (only can be used in the replay) that would show the date, possibly time too if that works :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice idea, voted! :ballot_box:

I like how you added a backup as the command ‘/date.’ It would be cool to see myself playing SkyWars on a certain day at a certain time! :alarm_clock:

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Welcome to the Forums. This is a great idea, and I voted!

I think it’s a great idea though I don’t have Hive Replay but I still think it will help people.:grin: