Replacement of fire sword R.I.P

I have an idea to replace the fire sword ik there’s an amber sword but it will be cool if there’s an ice sword it will freeze someone 1/10 it will give them slowness 2 for 5 second it will drop on emerald ore it’s a 10% chance drop it’s a iron sword with the name of sword of ice with custom enchantment which is called dead freeze

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nope this is worse than the original fire sword

prepare to get minimodded by others lol


I feel like the Ember Sword should be as left as it is, despite the fact that I do not like the sword itself.

The developers are trying their best to make this weapon as less overpowered as possible and enjoyable for everyone.

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Oh ok sorry if u don’t like it I had a dream about it I feel like it will be fun having 2 different element sword lol

Sounds a bit powerful. However it also sounds interesting.

I’ve got some ideas here.

First, since people associate ice with light blue, this should be a diamond sword. It shouldn’t give slowness since a boombox can do that. When you hit someone it gives you weakness so the sword isn’t too powerful.

Everything else I’d keep the same.

Welcome to the forums and remember to vote for your own suggestion.

We don’t need more RNG based events, the game random enough with the ores.


You did better at trying to make this suggestion fit the current meta, but making a somewhat bad idea better doesn’t make it good.

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I really like it imma post another idea and changes of mine

Hey! welcome to forums and uhh enjoy this cookie :cookie:

anyway, I like the idea you presented, it’s not op but I still think weakness and slowness are too OP, so I was thinking, maybe blindness or withering? Anyway, enjoy ze forums.

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Blindness is still OP as well.

Blindness does not allow you to sprint or see at least three blocks from every direction. Which makes you left on a disadvantage for your enemy to keep on running while hitting you at the same time.

Withering… Ehh, I feel like the withering effect can be a little bit annoying, especially during a fight. You’d tend to lose a little more health than normal damage…

But I do get where you were coming from!

I feel like withering would be underpowered, think. . . P O I S I O N B O O M B O X

Blindness seems right, I mean most of Minecraft combat is less than 3 blocks, and it would probably only be 3-5 seconds

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