Replace the leap in bridge

I think that the leap destroy one of the core game mechanics of bridge. How I would like to expirience bridge is that you build bridges and pvp on these.
The leap absolutely destroy the second point with pvp. People always just jump away from pvp fights with their leap. Also when there is somebody at the build limit in front of you goal they can easily jump into the goal.
With the leap I don’t like bridge. You could replace the leap with a splash potion of jump_boost or something else.
I hope the leap gets replaced with something that makes it more fun
(Also the gapple kit is kinda useless because you can heal up fast enough without using gapples)

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you can just hit them while they leap and it cancels the leap effect

Welcome to the forums @SpiritofPast hope you enjoy it here in the forums :slight_smile:
First of all, leap could be avoided while aiming with the snowball kit, and hitting the enemy mid-air. And also gapples are not as bad as they seem, they can be used when you are fighting a PvP sweat/tryhard so you could defeat them. (Find sweats/tryhards by their level and or skill)

Welcome to the forums SpiritofPast. The Leap got already nerfed and is now slightly less powerful, and is easily to avoid with the bow or Sbs now.
Hope this helps you out, have a nice Day :wave:


The problem with that when you are a console player you can’t move your crosshair in the middle of the screen fast enough

im a console player.

just get better at having your aim on your opponent.

you can increase sensitivity or get better at aim :neutral_face: