Replace Egg Trails (FPS/LAG Fix)

Replacing Egg Trails on Ground Wars for something like Capes.

I can’t say this is much of a problem for myself, but I noticed and many others have as well, that sometimes when spamming eggs on the frontline, ur eggs proceed to move extremely slowly threw the air, it’s clearly lag ofc. People have already talked to me about this problem and I can say that’s it’s definitely common. I was in a game with an obvious party of Hive+ players mainly level 3+, which meant they all had trails, many of them didn’t use bow and used eggs instead, when I went to use eggs I noticed the amount of particals flying about the place from all the spamming goin on, it made me lag everytime I went near it. My Wi-Fi is great and I get less than 30ms/ping, and I also use an Xbox One S, so it’s the game which is lagging (all my settings are near the lowest and best for FPS). It would just be nice if we can replace the unnecessary amount of particals included in this game, because I can’t help but think about how much of a problem this is with people that have significant less powerful devices than what I have. Thank you for reading, e7.

I agree. When I was playing this all day when it came out, there were short periods where it felt and looked like the game was in slow motion. The lag can be bad at times. I would support the addition of capes! :smiley: