Rename Replay ID

You can basically rename/nick your replay Id´s.

  • Replay

→ MushroomPiglin281

  • Rename

→ Skywarsclutch

This woud be good if you make a montage you can name the replays to the parts of the video or something.

Feel free to comment to your opinion

I don’t think this would work as you’d get a lot of the same name, meaning loading by id would be hard or impossible.


I disagree. Considering the replays are (to a certain extent) public (accessible via ID) duplicates might confuse the system. And as Emberz already said, loading replays could become almost impossible.

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Noo, if you scroll in the replay list you can nick a replay to find it easier. It dont change the actual id, and you cant load them with the nick

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Thats a really good idea in my eyes especially when you grind you dont remember when you clutched and what id it was! Epic suggestion! But if so there should be something so you cant name 2 replays the same

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