Remove the Prot. 1 Diamond helmet and boots

I think the prot 1 diamond helmet and boots are very imbalanced as damage is reduced very hard and it gets annoying for othe people to deal with as it’s hard to knock off diamond armors sometimes, you get more protection then normal

I dunno I think it’s fine I don’t think there’s too much of a difference, maybe it takes a hit or two more, there’s a sharp 2 iron sword in the game which in my opinion balances out this, you deal more damage then a normal diamond sword and protection one just gives you a bit more protection it’s also a little hard to get both protection 1 diamond boots and helmet also you can just get it yourself or knock them off. I wouldn’t say very protection 1 is very imbalanced at all.

Believe me or not I encoutered several prot helmet ane boots and it was impossible to beat them via melee, so I tried to knock them in the void but it often ends up me gettung killed.

It doesn’t take 1/2 more hits. Once I fought a protection armored guy, @BlueSlimeMC was watching me. I strafed, hit him a lot more and still died. with him ending with 3 hearts.
I had absorption hearts, idk about him (cough Show killer’s absorption hearts). Like I really had 5 more hearts and he still killed me.

Protection is B R O K EN. Seriously. It needs a fix.
(take my vote)


no. They are fine as they are

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Yeah Its good just have skill or pray that they don’t know how to play minecraft

i agree, but maybe rather than just up and removing it they could somehow nerf prot
no idea if that’s even a thing but meh

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Someone already made a suggestion to nerf prot, if you agree you can go vote on it.