Remove the kit tag

I think the tag beneath a player’s name that shows what kit one is using should be removed. This is because knowing what kit your opponents have equipped defeats the point of the kit in the first place.

Void Walker - This kit’s primary use is to prevent void deaths. If people see your kit tag, they will be less likely to hit you into the void, rendering the kit useless. Furthermore, they know you will have an above average amount of snowballs so will stay away from the edge.

Trapper - It’s in the name really: anyone seen with this kit tag can be assumed to be trapping. Because of this, opponents won’t come near you, and they might try to instead use ranged attacks. They will also expect you to disappear occasionally, so won’t freak out too much if you do go invisible.

Baller - Same kind of thing with the Void Walker kit. Your opponent will know to expect snowballs so won’t go near the edge.

Builder - This kit is said to be receiving a block breaker boombox in the near future. Anyone knowing you have this kit would stay away from bridges in order to prevent being blown into the void.

Panik - Anyone knowing that you have this kit will know that you are basically semi-invincible. They will refrain from going near the edges in order to not get knocked off by the shields explosion. They will also be able to lure you into a situation where having speed can be more harmful than helpful.

These are just a few reasons why the kit tag should be removed.

TL;DR: Knowing what kit you have makes your opponent less likely to play to your kit’s strengths and they will instead exploit your weaknesses.

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this has literally never been a problem

people knock me off regardless


Fair enough. What do you think about the other kits, though?

Trapper kit does need this. Maybe they have some type of disguise ability.


I assume it was there for some testing purpose.

You 100% have my vote. I think it should be concealed, especially the Void Walker (for obvious reasons), Baller (for obvious reasons), and Trapper (for even more obvious reasons).

I wondered about that… (I probably still won’t pick it, but it would be cool to use occasionally)

I’d like to see a Mind reader kit which can see it but not every kit :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally, I think this balances out the kits. Like you said, players will play to the kits’ weaknesses, but the strengths of the kits can still be used so they really cancel each other out

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Eh. I can see this being added but i doesn’t need too. If your in a 1v1 with someone who has baller and you can be right on the edge and they snowball you off. Not super sure about this one