Remove the feature of teleporting to hidden players when someone is spectating

You’re hiding In a good place
but someone teleporting You (spectating) And tell his friend where someone is to kill hider

note : I’m using the translation I’m sorry if you don’t understand what I’m saying

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Doesn’t everyone turn into a seeker if they get killed

Meaning that the only way to be a spectator is to join a friend in game, while the game midway through

I don’t think this is a big issue, since a lot of people don’t use the join friend’s game option, especially in hide and seek, they instead use the party book.

Unless you’re famous or something

I agree to this. Even though I don’t play hide and seek I can see people friends joining the game after it starts and spectating just to tell people where they are.

This is actually ghosting, and is actually bannable on the hive iirc.


This isn’t a form of ghosting, this is almost the definition of ghosting

Hey there!
As mentioned above, helping players that are still alive after you’ve been eliminated is against the Hives gameplay rules.
An in-depth list of rules can be found here, or by running the /rules command in-game.