Remove starting stone sword and axe and replace it with an iron axe

An iron axe deals the same damage as a stone sword, while being an axe. This is 1 less hotbar space that fills at the start. Also most people just end up dropping their stone axes after they mine all the chests.

Although it would confuse some people, it would definitly be good for inventory managment.

YOu have my vote.

Makes sense

I haven’t seen anyone use the stone axe you start with lol

I use the axe every game, and this is a good idea to make it just a little bit easier.

You have my vote

I use the axe to destroy the chests, it’s faster for me I’m on console.

Smh sixcrown


Would be a fine thing to have. It doesn’t really change the game that much so its not a super big deal but it does gives you some nice quality of life. You have my vote.

Might be confusing for new players but other than that it’s a great idea!

I use the axe to break the chests