Remove speed effect when you pick up the flag

If you eat Speed-berries and then pick up the flag, you get slowed for a couple seconds, but after that the speed effect takes over, and you move quite quickly with the flag until the speed runs out.

it defeats the purpose of slowness while you have the flag.

so, as soon as you pick up the flag, the speed effect should be taken away (if the player has it)

I don’t agree with this. Using speed berries while having the flag is a strategy imo


But It might give Players chance to run.

though thats true, at most it should even out the slowness to just a regular speed, instead it gives you full on speed 1 or 2 (whichever it gives you, ive never checked).

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yeah this makes sense to add. in cubecraft CTF if you have the flag and no speed power up you walk at the slow speed, but if you have the flag then pick up the speed power up, you walk at normal speed instead of slow speed. i think the hive could do this but with speedberries in CTF.

also @GlowSquidPls welcome to the forums!

Even if this gets patched (or not) jump sprinting already gives you a speed boost since the slowness effect (i think) does not effect while in the jumping state

thats a literal game mechanic and has nothing to do with Hive


Yes this it right.

Also thought of that strategy which is I’m neither approved or disapproved of the idea. Overall you can still pick up with the catcher if you have speedberries itself.

Its not an intended feature. When you have the flag, you are given a hunger bar back so you are unable to eat berries. So therefore this is a possible bug.

Correction - It is intended, my bad

It is intended that you are able to eat a berry before picking up the flag.

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May I ask why the hunger bar is filled up when you take the flag?

Is it to stop any more berry eating?

Yes, that is indeed why :+1:


Alright, thanks for correcting me c:
Ill remember for next time

We cant learn anything without failing a few timed :d

I never realised that!