Remove remnants or make it smaller

I know y’all put a lot of work into this map, and I understand making it smaller may be very hard, but it’s WAY too big, and everytime I get murderer I just spend all my time trying to find people, and it makes it VERY annoying when I finally get murderer, but lose because everyones hiding. I understand this may not happen because a lot of people may like it, but it is simply too large.

I don’t think it’s too large, it’s completely fine. I’ve won as murderer numerous times on remnants, and there are parts in the map where nobody goes.

Remnants is just as big as any other map, and they spent a lot of time on it. there not gonna get rid of an entire map and rebuild it just because people hide. and there’s nothing wrong with people hiding, the point is to not get killed anyway. sorry, but I don’t think this will happen.


I am just a murder mystery noob in general, I used to play it tons and never won as murderer.

This wouldn’t even affect my gameplay.

i love this map and it should stay how it is. I told my lvl 3 friend if you jump into the water you get free 1000 xp. He believed me (idiot) and when he jumped and i told him that i lied he unfreinded me :expressionless: :expressionless:


Why would you even do that to a friend (cant lie I would do it too)

i was laughing so hard when he did it

I mean of course
Why would anyone be that dumb to fall for a stupid lie like that LOL

Back on the topic so this doesnt get deleted…

The map is fine as it is tbh
Later in the game you get a hot and cold detector thing so that might help you a bit ig but other than that idk what to tell you.


To add onto what everyone else has said, I feel as if the chance of you both getting murderer and Remnants being voted as the map isn’t really high

So even when it happens, it’ll only be once in a while!