Remove reaction

I use eggs when Im not taking someone seriously o.o


Egg is best.

Plus, if we removed them Lewlew would be sad :cry:

They are his children

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I mean, then theyd have to remove all reactions besides the heart eventually, as people would just use something else as the dislike. Theres nothing inherently negative about the egg reaction, its just how people take it.


I disagree. Like how would :heart_eyes: represent dislike? it already has meaning. The egg reaction is the only one without meaning so it could represent what we want


The thing is :billed_cap: Isnt a reaction yet

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I use egg when I dont know what to say. Like I have mixed feelings about what the person is talking about


You think the egg is negative lmao???


they removed the dislike button, we need a replacement.

eggs suck but whatever


people cant even have an opinion in this forum?, also , who told u they disagreed?


It would be used ironically


no :egg: :egg:

I strongly disagree with this :egg: and since when has this become negative? its just an egg we eat it and I like it so no :egg:

why? its eggcelent. let it eggcist in peace.

hehe, i bet youre eggravated rn

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Eggs are delicious >:( /j

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as long as there are reactions, people will find a way to have negative reactions. arguably, all of the current reactions, except the like(doesnt work well ironically, as it still counts for the users stats, when the user did not deserve any likes), can be used as a negative reaction(when being used ironically). Then, Hive would have to remove all of the reactions. Personally, I wouldnt miss them much, but ig some others would.


wow, totally good suggestion, its not like the MODERATORS TOOK OUR GODDAMN RIGHTS TO CRITIZE AND DISLIKE THINGS.


Imma be honest, I think that you should be able to downvote a suggestion as a dislike. It would work better than disliking a reply imo. Plus, it actually gives off constructional feedback

nah you should really have freedom to literally dislike anything. also, downvoting suggestions, just entirely doesnt work.

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