Remove over-queueing

Idea: Remove over-queueing in treasure wars

More info:

Overqueueing is queueing into a game with a party larger than the team size. For example, queueing solos with five people/queueing squads with seven people.

A lot of the times I got teamed on, they were in a party—6 queueing solos, trying to kill the random players, then fist fighting afterwards. Crossteamers wouldn’t be that competent if this were removed.

I know a lot of people like to get a party of 8 and do TW Solo “private games”, but with the addition of swarms, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Joining your friends’ servers when they’re in a game queue should also be removed as this would be an alternative to overqueueing to crossteamers.

It should only be more than half the game that’s blocked once swarms come out I’d say.

Yeah that should because it would be impossible to have the odds against you very fast and it would make it fair to everyone

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