Remove or reduce pearl damage

So my Idea is to remove or reduce the pearl damage

More information:
Ok so here’s the thing, the pearl damage kills you because it does alot of damage, doesn’t matter if u neither wear diamond armor nor u have no armor. Because even with diamond armor the pearl damage can still kill you because it deals alot of damage. Pearl clutching is almost impossible or what’s the point of e pearls if u can’t use it to escape enemies, like of u have 3 hearts and have no armor and u pearled u will still die. So basically it’s pretty much useless, one thing u can only do with pearls is rush. You can’t even use it in fights because if you’re chasing someone and you pearled in front of them you’ll take alot of damage so instead of u killing that guy, that guy u were chasing killed u because u have low hp because of pearls. So remove or reduce pearl damage because U can’t even use pearls to clutch and prevent u from dying in void because if u are about to die in void and u have low hp then u pearled u will still die, so pretty much u wasted ur ems buying the pearl instead of snowballs, diamond sword or diamond armor. One more thing if ur treasure is broken and u have alot of e pearls and u accidentally spammed those e pearls you’ll die or if u are about to die in void and u spammed e pearls to clutch u will still die because of that 3 hearts of damage. So remove or reduce e pearl damage. IK that will be op, but not really because it’s a way to survive from falling to void, or if e Pearl’s famage won’t be reduce or remove just add gapple to the game because healing isn’t the quick so gapple is the only way to heal faster and make the gapple 2 diamonds per 1 gap, gapples won’t be that too op since it costs 2 diamonds and diamond gens are slow to drop a single diamond, or if gapple won’t be added then remove or reduce pearl damage and in that way e pearls would be overrated since it’s underrated ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m ready for an argument for this thing

That’s my suggestion, thank you for reading it and I hope u understand me

I agree that pearls are not too refined, but I’m not sure if reducing their damage is the right way to go… I don’t know, I’m probably overthinking this.

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Reducing damage might be better than removing the damage


I think removing pearl damage or reducing damage of the pearls would make them too strong, it’s a trade-off for being able to teleport within a distance. Having them do little to no damage would make them far too powerful and they would be used by everyone and it wouldn’t make the game as fun imo.


They should also increase price along with that.


I believe it’s 2.5 hearts of fall damage, meaning it goes through armor. That’s how it is in vanilla. I guess it helps in situations where people epearl “clutch” by spamming pearls underneath the island and phasing through, they’ll die in four pearls - you’ll have to actually land a pearl (no matter how weird hive calculates projectile arcs)


I agree with lolrus , its how EPearls work. You take dmg regardless of where you aim the eye at. That’s a vanilla mechanic and always will be unless. They decide to change it.


I think making a epearl do 1 to 1.5 hearts worth of damage should be enough to counter this, but not enough to where they are useless

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they’re not useless rn though, they allow you to get past bowspammers and bridge spammers. They also allow you to attack turtles without giving them a bridge to escape with

I would have the pearl damage get reduced rather than getting removed as what @TerribleComet5 said because they would be too op and probably increasing the price by 1 or 2 ems but it’s just my opinion. I know everyone has other opinions than me so I’m taking feedback about balance changes that could be made to epearls